Piano Repair and Rebuild

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Premier Music specializes in all aspects of piano repair. Rebuilding and reconditioning pianos, refinishing. restringing, pin block installation, voicing, action regulation, hammer installation,soundboard repair, damper installation and of course tuning. We work on all brand of pianos new and old. For more information on repairing a piano please call today.

Questions I can help you with:

Should I repair or replace my piano?

Should I buy a used piano and repair it?

Will it cost more to replace or repair my piano?

What condition is my piano in?

How much should I sell my piano for?

Re-building is the process of replacing or restoring the major components of a piano. This includes the rim, plate, soundboard, bridge, pin block, action and finish. Heirloom quality pianos such as a Kawai, Yamaha, Mason &Hamilin, Steinway, Bluthner, Bechstein, Fazioli, and Bosendorfer are all candidates for a re-build. Lower caliber pianos that typically have little value monetarily, but significant sentimental value are also pianos that we can rebuild.